• Swimming Pool
  • 24/h security
  • Wi-Fi lounge
  • Clubhouse
  • Parking area
  • Business center

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Welcome to Malinawon Resort. We are strategically located at Panglao a small paradise island south of Bohol.

Enjoy Beautiful Natural Surrounding

Panglao Island is a beach island, visiting this place will make you have a chance to enjoy a beautiful scenic view of the ocean and enjoy the sandy beaches. The resort is complemented by a large swimming pool in the center. This is where you will engage in a recreational activity such as swimming, making your stay at Malinawon resort to be awesome and memorable.

Get Exceptional Accommodation

Malinawon is made up of elegant suites. Here, we are dedicated to keeping up with the current trend in the modernization of resort to make them accommodating and elegant. Malinawon resort is a fully fledged, nicely set and equipped with modern room finishing and accessories to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

The rooms are big and fitted with all the necessary features such as cable TV WiFi internet, flat screen TVs.

Enjoy Excellent Customer Services

Malinawon resort is aimed at building a dynamic community around us. We strive to create a long-lasting bond between us and our customers. We have a strong team that works together to fulfill these. Our staff is very efficient in making you feel at home. This dedication to great customer services is what drives us to become one of the top providers of resort services in the country.

Are you planning your next vacation? Think of Malinawon Resort. Contact us today and get a reservation to our modern, accommodating and refreshing suites. This is the best place to have a great time away from your home.